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Mitochondria: Keys To Cellular Anti-Aging

As I point out in Growing Young: A Doctor's Guide To The New Anti-Aging, mitochondria - the amazing energy harnessing machines inside all our cells - are one of the keys to understanding and managing the aging process.

Without an adequate energy supply, our cells stop performing basic housekeeping functions. The result is deterioration and cell-loss in the worst case scenario, but more often, the result is simply more rapid aging. Why?

When cells become deprived of energy due to a decline in the number of mitochondria, and when remaining mitochondria become increasingly dysfunctional, cells lack the energy needed to maintain a broad range of functions.

One of these key functions is protection and repair of DNA. When cells stop repairing DNA, critical errors in the DNA sequence can occur, leading to rapid cellular decline, and even cancer.

Cellular "garbage cleanup" often stops as well, when energy levels drop due to mitochondrial dysfunction. In Growing Young, this is explained in greater detail; suffice it to say that cellular garbage is another one of the key "mechanisms of aging."

Fortunately, our precious mitochondrial energy machines can be protected, and their function can actually be enhanced. In fact, in Growing Young, I show how recent breakthroughs in the understanding of cellular energy management enable us to dramatically upgrade the number of mitochondria, and their functional capacity, in our cells, naturally.

By using this natural method to boost cellular energy capabilities, we support every cellular function, moving all our cells toward more youthful, capable, stable functioning.

Here is a remarkable animation of mitochondrial function, from Harvard University biological visualization lab:

I find this pretty breathtaking. I also find it inspiring and encouraging, when I consider the amazing fact that, just a short time ago, there was nothing that could be done to improve mitochondrial function. Today, thanks to very recent breakthroughs, it is not just possible, it is a reality.

For those of us who utilize the Synergy Matrix program presented in Growing Young: A Doctor's Guide To The New Anti-Aging, it is a reality experienced daily!

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